UC Health, University of Cincinnati and P&G Alumni Network
To Hold Health Innovations Summit on Jan. 31

CINCINNATI (January 4, 2019) — The Cincinnati region is uniquely positioned to drive innovation in healthcare—and three of the region’s pioneers in innovation are coming together to advance that conversation in order to help save and transform lives.


UC Health, the University of Cincinnati and the P&G Alumni Network will present a one-day symposium in January dedicated to advancing healthcare leadership and innovation in Greater Cincinnati.

“In science lives hope: these four simple words encapsulate what we do at UC Health each day. As the region’s academic health system, we are committed to advancing healing and reducing suffering through the highest level of care, groundbreaking medical research and world-class education,” said Richard P. Lofgren, MD, president & CEO of UC Health. “We are proud to partner with UC and the P&G Alumni Network to advance this important work and to spark innovation in healthcare delivery.”

The Health Innovations Summit will engage entrepreneurs and thought leaders to share ideas, talents and resources with each other and our community to help drive innovation in healthcare, an industry expected to account for nearly 20 percent of our nation’s GDP by 2020.

“We are grateful for this collaboration to uncover great ideas that could lead to a positive impact on healthcare and treatments. By working and thinking together, we can make breakthroughs that can be transformative,” said UC President Neville G. Pinto, PhD. “The next great idea lives here, and this is the kind of interactivity that will help us ignite it.”

In 2018, UC was named among the 100 most innovative institutions of higher learning in the world by Reuters, which ranks the educational institutions doing the most to advance science, invent new technologies and power new markets and industries. The summit will be held at the 1819 Innovation Hub, UC’s state-of-the-art destination for thinking, making, doing, discovery and delivery.

The summit will address topics such as the impact of private equity upon healthcare business models; how consumerism is shaping healthcare perceptions; how innovation is driving healthcare; and the tech landscape in Cincinnati.

In addition to Lofgren and Pinto, speakers at the summit will include: David Adams, chief innovation officer at UC’s 1819 Innovation Hub; Mike Venerable; CEO of CincyTech USA; Josh Heuser, founder of AGAR; and Sian Cotton, PhD, director of the UC Health Center for Integrative Health and Wellness and professor of family and community medicine at the UC College of Medicine. Many of the speakers are members of the P&G Alumni Network.

“Many P&G alumni work, invest and invent in healthcare, the largest segment and largest employer in the American economy. Healthcare continues to grow, and P&G alumni participation seems to be growing even faster as the business of healthcare becomes more consumer focused,” said Stuart Schaefer, chair of the Cincinnati chapter of the P&G Alumni Network. “We are excited to partner with UC Health and the University of Cincinnati on this day of learning and networking centered on healthcare innovation.”

The summit will be held from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 31 at the University of Cincinnati 1819 Innovation Hub, 2900 Reading Road, Cincinnati, OH 45206.